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Friday, August 05, 2005

the verdict on Friday

We saw our nice Dr. Tosin this afternoon. Victoria was weighed and found wanting again (although she had increased by 70gr since Tuesday). She has been prescribed duocal to be added to the expressed breast milk and the formula. There was allusion made to perhaps using an alternative to the milk she is now having - perhaps even including the milk from me..... Thankfully the dietician suggested adding duocal so a prescription was worked out for that and I made enthusiastic and co-operative noises in response to the suggestion. Also because Victoria's breathing is obviously faster and this is leading the to increased sweatiness and coldness, she has been prescribed two different diuretics (to get rid of spare fluid in her body and thereby reducing the strain generally... - although I suppose it will also result in weight loss). The problem here is that we need to give them both at the same time and one of them will not be available until next week. Her lungs are, thankfully, still clear of fluid though so perhaps it won't matter too much... We get to see the Doctor again in 2 weeks - at which point she will have had only one week of the diuretics but two weeks of the extra calories.
victoria also has thrush - for which I hope to apply bio-yoghourt. The Dr. said he was going to suggest nystatin and raised his eyebrows at my suggestion. I told him that it had always done the trick with other children who had the problem....
Please continue to pray about Lucy's transfer from Leicester. It struck me, while on the phone to her last night, that if she is to join the Guildford students who begin in September (she suggested that the end of Jan would be a good time) then she is wasting her time in Leicester now since she will repeat all that she has done when she joins at Guildford - being already 6 months into the course. This might mean that she could be home sooner than later and would also give her opportunity to earn some money working over Christmas.
After the hospital we went and collected the photos of Victoria which I hope to send out to many of those who have sent us cards and good wishes - perhaps it will help to remind people to pray for her as well as brightening up fridges and mantlepieces (do people still have such things??!).
The blocked duct is now completely clear - thank you for your prayerful concern. Now I would like to get a homeopathic remedy to increase the milk supply and I would, of course, like to have Victoria feeding 'from source' (as Timothy so discreetly put it!) at least once a day...


  • At 7:42 PM, Blogger StrangelyClear said…

    I don't know much about homeopathic remedies, but maybe this will help put you in the right direction.

    The fruit of "Fennel" (Foeniculum vulgare)
    and the "female "inflorescence" (whatever that is!) of Hop (Humulus lupulus)

    A suggestion is 1 capsule (390mg Fennel, 195mg Hop) of each 3 times a day.

    Note that both are used for other ailments (for example, Hop can be used for sleeping promlems, etc). Naturally you would read the label if you should happen to find them in Holland & Barrat's for example... and perhaps check with your doctor?

    I searched for more information on them in case you are interested.



    God bless,
    SC. B)

  • At 11:48 AM, Blogger StrangelyClear said…

    I realised after I posted, that I always get homoeopathy confused with herbal medicine...
    Oh well, it might help someone else who reads you blog.

  • At 4:36 PM, Blogger Tracy said…

    Thanks, I will check that out but I am also hoping to soon receive some 'more milk plus' from '' - the testimonials look promising - will blog any significant info on this when I have experience first-hand.


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