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Monday, August 15, 2005


I still haven't been able to make any progress regarding the medicine - the consulant is on holiday, the community paediatrician is not answering my messages and my GP was not in today....
Overnight Victoria was not sucking at all - but was still swallowing once her mouth was full - that makes for very slow feeding and I have to listen carefully for whether the last lot has gone before I squeeze the syringe with the next lot. I allowed myself 2 x 4-hour intervals between feeds last night because during the day she had taken quite a bit. Yesterday she had a total of 620mls. Today we are on target to meet the 600ml goal also - so maybe I shall get a bit of extra sleep tonight too. I think she is getting bigger - she is next weighed on Wednesday DV.
Ron has been to the GP this morning and been told that the walking he has been doing has been the cause of the pain and that he ought to give it up.
today has flown by but I have been able to catch up on some book business and emails.
this week's plans are for the small children to be out tommorow for hte day - probably swimming for part of it - and dinner to be brought (or sent) for the next day. Thursday evening a lady from church has promised to bring a dinner and Friday another friend is bringing dinner so we are provided for once again (hearty thanks to all involved, you couldn't have a more appreciative bunch of consumers - I think I ought to record the comments as we tuck in and post them on the blog!!!). Friday the small children will, once again, be taken out and in the evening friends will come to distract Ron from the tedium of not being able to go out and work!!! We also have visitors booked for Saturday and Sunday - so that will be another week in which the Lord has shown his kind provision.
On Thursday we have to take Victoria for another thyroid test - my only concern is that it was very difficult for the Dr. to extract a very few drops last time and that the diuretics might make it more difficult this time, but I must keep trying hard not to WORRY about things so far in advance (if I can't get out of the habit of worrying at all!).
As I lie on my bed at night and begin to tell the Lord all my concerns , the Spirit brings to mind comforting and strengthening verses from Scripture. If I get my hourly concerns in the eternal perspective it somehow seems more manageable. I used to speak to other home-schooling mothers about the task as seeming like 'life in the trenches' - one cannot see very far ahead or around and one cannot understand ones own part in the greater war which is going on but we have to know that where we are and what we are doing IS a vital part of the battle in which we are on the winning side.


  • At 8:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Listen out for the angel with you in the bedroom during those long night-time feeds as you listen for Victoria to swallow.

    Brilliant teamwork to get another 600+ mls in today! Well done both! I just hope she hasn't been sick again??

  • At 5:14 PM, Blogger Sarah said…

    Hello Van den Broeks
    I have just caught up on a lot of posts and seen the lovely photo of Victoria Lily, the little doll. Lots of love and best wishes to you all and 'sterkte' Tracy with the feeds and coping. We would love to visit and bring some meals over for you all, please let us know when. We are free the next three weekends. Or, you and or the children can come over here. A speedy recovery to you, Ron too.
    The Bauermeisters


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