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Monday, August 01, 2005

Monday Aug lst (already....)


With regret we waved Lucy off yesterday afternoon. She has returned to Leicester unsure of when she will be able to transfer to Guildford but having filled out and returned the necessary transfer forms. It was so very helpful to have Lucy home for the three weeks (minus one when she was on beach mission in St Ives, with Timothy). She has made sure that everyone is fed (and left us with a legacy of delicious cakes) and kept out of the way when I needed to sleep.

This morning I was up very early and Victoria’s breathing was a little troubled so I went to the lounge with her where she eventually fell asleep. When she is lying on the front of someone her breathing improves. After the 7am feed I moved into Lucy’s room – and Joanna moved out. This way Ron won’t get any more disturbed nights for the time being – he needs his rest with his hernia operation looming (next Weds).

The feeding is going well with Victoria taking 75 – 80mls at most feeds – still using the tube and syringe because she won’t latch on.

A dear friend from Petersfield brought round a fearsome-looking pump on Friday which I have been using since then – it is more effective than the little one my neighbour lent me. This means that Victoria is getting 45 or 50 mls of home-grown milk at each feed with top-ups of Nutramigen (which will run out tommorow….). Jean, the health visitor, comes tommorow morning to weigh Victoria again.

Please pray that Victoria will continue to feed well, once her lungs begin to fill with fluid she will have to have diuretics which will mean that she will necessarily lose weight. She is very well at the moment and although she wouldn’t win any prizes for her suction, the tube-feeding continues quite successful. She is occasionally sick after a feed – which is a bit worrying – but I think it might only be because of wind so I must just be more diligent in not continuing until I have exacted a burp from her.

Kind thoughts and cards keep coming in as tangible tokens of the care of the saints (mostly home-schoolers) from all over the country. Yesterday one of the ladies from church brought 4 cooked chickens and a load of potatoes along with apple pie and bread-and-butter-pudding.

One homeschooling family from Hereford (I only know that because of the postmark)) sent me a little booklet by Max Lucado which I have been reading a chapter at a time and it has been a real blessing. The theme is Psalm 23. The section by means of which I have received the greatest blessing was on hopelessness. It is copyright so I can’t quote verbatim but I thought I should summarise the chapter here.

Imagine your friends and family persuade you to do something you never did before – go on a trip to the jungle. You join a group and wander along through the dark-green-ness until you need to bend down to tie your boot lace. A nearby fellow-pilgrim offers to hold your bag for you but by the time you have tied your lace you look up to see that you are left alone – everyone else continued on without you. You hurry on and come to a fork in the path and wonder whether they went left or right. You make a choice but you don’t seem to be catching them up. You blunder on panicking and after what seems like ages (not that you can check on the time as your watch was on the bag which you no longer have) you slump down on a log in despair and weep. Here you are, all alone, without a guide and in a completely alien environment. If you were in a strange town you could at least ask someone for directions but here there is no-one. Then imagine that another person joins you – he also is lost but it is some comfort to have someone else along – not a lot of use though. Better by far if someone who knows the terrain and the path joins you and says ‘come this way’. Psalm 23 tells us that Jesus leads us in the paths of righteousness, for His Name’s sake. How easy it is to despair because we only look at the circumstances and know ourselves to be completely ‘out of our depth’ (and HOW time seems to stand still while we grope along in our numbness) but somehow we must grasp the idea that the Lord Himself is with us. What we need is NOT different circumstances but a supreme confidence in the Lord God of our salvation, resting in that knowledge has to be the key to peace of mind.


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    Glad the fearsome bit of machinery is doing its job! Praying for some good sleep and lots of milk!


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