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Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday 22nd - morning

Monday 22nd]

The weekend went farily well. I was able to do something normal yesterday, and am paying for it today – it was badminton with Timothy. And there was I looking forward to getting back on the trampoline – better take it very slowly when I do. Then again, the rain will prevent me today.

At 9.30pm yesterday I got Victoria out of bed for an early feed (having finished on the phone to Lucy and got things straight for the next pumping and feeding it seemed not worth trying to sleep for half an hour until 10pm) and Victoria glugged down, most efficiently, all 90mls of her formula. The reason for giving her the formula at that time was because she then has 4 hours to digest it before the next feed. I am getting wiser to trying to maintain Victoria’s intake and my sleep. The 2am feed, however, took an hour and she didn’t even get up to 80mls before an hour had gone by – well she drank 90 mls but brought back a whole 20! She was not sucking beyond the first syringe. It might be that she is just too tired or too unco-ordinated.

The exciting news of the day is that Joanna Kolker, the cranial osteopath, phoned this morning and has a free slot at 3.30am. One has to hope that ANYTHING might help and there are good reports of improvements in babies due to this procedure. I only have to drive as far as Pyrford for the treatment.

Another improvement is due to the Kali phos. I have been giving Victoria. When I have given it at 2am I have found that at 6am she is actually dry (not needing her clothes changing because they are soaking wet) so I guess that means there is less strain on her little body.

I shan’t say that I think she has put on weight (!!) but I had Samuel work out the average intake over the past two weeks (I worked out the one before that and it was 560 – ish) and it showed that last week she was up by 50mls per day on average.

I have ordered, online, some ‘haberman feeders’ which are a specialist bottle designed for use with babies with cleft palette or a weak suck (as in the case of heart babies and downs babies). It was galling to see that they are $36 in the US and £36 in the UK. They were difficult enough for me to find anyway. However, since I am seeing the consultant on Thursday and he is very sceptical about the syringe-and-tube-arrangement I will feel more confident if I can say ‘I have tried the bottle and she doesn’t suck – so gets nothing’ (which I have) and show him the haberman feeders – I suppose they should be here by then – and I should be able to offer a report on how they work out.

Richard and Samuel are doing sterling work on the practical support front. Richard washes all the bottles and pump bits and sees to the steriliser. He also brings me my bio yoghurt (to which I add a selection of nuts and seeds) having arranged, the night before, at what time I would like it. Samuel is keeping up with the washing and keeps the bibs-and-sick-cloths basket well stocked up.all the time. He also quite often will wash and change Victoria for me. All these little ministrations mean that I have a little more time at my disposal, for which I am very grateful.


  • At 10:53 PM, Blogger Sarah said…

    Hi Tracy
    Your children are a credit to you, that they can just take over and help you so much. This is all down to being a great Mum :)
    love Sarahxxx


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