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Friday, August 12, 2005


The extensive pink post caused a bit of consternation amongst my children, so I have chosen blue for this one. Maybe I should colour code the ‘good days’ pink and the less good ones blue…
Yesterday afternoon and evening Victoria was very bright and looking around, waving her arms and legs and generally being very jolly. One could have forgotten all the struggles her little body was having. Overnight it was a lot different. The diuretics have meant less sweatiness but she still has cold arms and legs. The nappy was phenomenally wet and I began to wonder whether, perhaps, I had not changed her all day… then I remembered that this was the purpose of the medicine! Victoria does not at all care for the medicine. In fact, having to have it brings tears to her eyes. She has to have a phenomenal 4mls of one but only .5ml of the other. The latter goes down before she notices, thankfully. I am going to make enquiries about whether there is a different concentration of the Spirolactone (I think that is what it is called…) so that the quantity I have to persuade her to swallow, rather than spit out, is reduced.
Last night’s feeds took longer than I would have liked (the best she does is 80mls glugged down in 20 mins.) sometimes it is all over so quickly that I jerk awake before the time of the next feed afraid that I missed one. Since I write down the details of every feed on my clipboard I am always able to sort out such confusing times. Feeding last night was back to the bad-old-days of 45 or 50 mins to take 70-75mls (at which point she is not sucking at all and has about given up swallowing). Thankfully this is all so variable that I retain my optimism (and confidence that the Lord will not allow her to fade away just yet….) and approach the next feed with confidence.
Our friend (who wishes to remain nameless!) is staying until tommorow, then we have Lucy for the weekend. I shan’t think too much about next week but will be glad if the Lord moves some local people to suggest taking out some of the little people – either that or I need to be a bit better organised and take them out somewhere, with a picnic.


  • At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi, I was amused at the family being concerned about too much pink! I suppose the blue has always been in the majority in your house.

    Hope Victoria does well on her diuretics, and that you continue to get the help you need.


  • At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Julie said…

    (the Southern Julie as opposed to the northern one!)
    Certainly worth asking about the diuretic concentration - we had months giving 7ml doses only to discover we could have 0.7ml instead; apparently it seems to depend on whether you can be 'trusted' to administer small doses accurately!! We obviously looked an unreliable lot- too many children or something.


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