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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Blood, sweat and tears (and toil)

We went to the hospital, as appointed, and blood was taken. At least it wasn't as arduous a process as last time. It seemed a pity to me that the amount of blood collected on the cotton wool after the process was declared to be over was greater than the quantity collected in the tiny bottle - but as long as the path. lab have sufficient, we shan't complain. Blood and tears were inevitably in evidence.
Sweat, well, yes, it has been very hot today and I have had a more than usually wet baby to deal with (can't indulge in 'kangaroo care' in this weather!). Victoria is wearing only a t-shirt - and that only so that she is less slippery to handle!
As for the toil. While we were at the hospital I met up with the dietician who, helpfully, agreed that if Victoria wouldnt' drink my milk with duocal in it, there was little sense adding duocal to it. Also that the nutramigen with 3 scoops of duocal added (approx 100mls twice a day) was prob. the best we could do at the moment. It is hoped that a speech therapist will now be called in to see if anything could be done about Victoria's suck - which is, as I might have said before, almost none-existent most of the time. Even the swallow seems to be slipping away.
So, I labour on feeding every 3 hours for at least an hour at a time - often with an empty cup at hand to catch the rejected milk - hoping to leave Victoria at least 85mls in her little tummy each time.
Last night I was supposed to wake her up at 2am, following the 10pm feed (the only time I indulge myself in a 4-hour interval....) but was astonished to see that the clock was telling me it was 3am - so I jerked into action. I think Victoria would gladly have gone on sleeping! It is truly a great blessing to be able to put her down after a feed and have no further disturbance in the way of whining and grumbling, and this is a cause for great thankfulness.


  • At 7:47 PM, Anonymous marlena said…

    Dear Tracy, what a struggle you are in, I can only take a deep sigh, and pray that the Lord will give you strenght and love and patience, I am so glad you are still able to write down what happens at Hananeel without complaining, I would be desperate in your case. But I do realize thatit is not important that our will is fulfilled, but His will. And that only at the end we will be able to see why God choose us for our tasks. Meanwhile, we have to do our very best. But how difficult this is. Love, Marlena

  • At 7:41 PM, Anonymous Ruth said…

    Dear Tracy,

    Remember that the one who holds the power of oceans in his hand has in his other hand a bottle into which he counts the tears of his little ones. Your trials and Victoria's don't go unnoticed or unrecorded. Job 23 v 10.

    Love Ruth
    PS Love to the Baumeisters if they tune into this too.

  • At 9:02 AM, Blogger Sarah said…

    Dear Tracy
    Just to let you know that we are following your diary and we are always praying for you and little Victoria Lily Joy. Many blessings, much love and strength to you, Tracy. Love to Ron and all the children.
    Much love
    Sarah and all the Bauermeisters


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