Updates on Victoria Lily Joy van den Broek, born 120705.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Thankful that the Lord so arranged things that we could go away for the week and thankful for the fortification of food and fellowship we gained down at Brunel Manor in Torquay. We got back about 5pm this afternoon. The most strengthening aspect of the weekend has to have been having Victoria Lily baptised. On the Saturday she acquired an extra name - Joy. To have this outward demonstration that, irrespective of her current or future capacity to apprehend the wonders of Salvation, Victoria Lily Joy is a member of the covenant and part of the church universal and throughout all time. We thank God for the Grace He shows to us in choosing us to follow Him and daily helping us in our weakness to keep on trusting Him. Actually, when one considers the calmness and simplicity of little children (perhaps esp. when one recognises that they are never going to grow up to be theologians...) one can't help envying them. As for me, I keep on thinking about what could go 'wrong' and whether I will be able to cope with what the future holds - Victoria doesn't, I think that makes her ahead of me!
Why the extra name? The day before she was born I was struck with the phrase 'joy shall be yours in the morning' - I mentioned it to Lucy and said that I thought the baby would show up the next day. She wasn't convinced. Anyway it is only a week later that I remembered this and thought that it was fitting that she should be, after all, Victoria Lily Joy.

Two days before we left for Torquay the health visitor came round and weighed Victoria who had put on a little more weight. Victoria's floppy spells seem to be a little less frequent. Her being more alert certainly makes feeding a bit quicker - though having to express milk with an electric pump as a prelude to every feed means that it still takes about 45 mins to feed. Lucy has been helping out and last night volunteered to feed Victoria. Shortly after 12 midnight, however, she appeared in my room defeated by Victoria's unwillingness to suck at all In the end, between us, we managed to persuade her to swallow down 30mls then left her to sleep for another three hours - at the next feed she was more 'with it' and sucked and swallowed quite efficiently. Before we got home I did manage to get Victoria on the breast - which was a tremendous encouragement to me - for 5 or 10 mins. This gives me hope that we have something to build on.
Tommorow we see someone for a thyroid test and then we see the paediatric cardiologist who is from the brompton hospital and holds a clinic at St Peter's (2 miles from our home).
One never knows what a day may hold and I ask that you pray for calmness on my part (I'm not too good at that....), wisdom on the part of the Doctors (I'd rather that they said they would do the op. sooner than later) and, on a practical level, that with the help of my lovely midwife / breastfeeding advisor, we might be able to figure out how to interest Victoria in doing what ought to come naturally. Also please pray regarding Lucy's plans. She is quite prepared to ask for a break of a year in her course in Leicester - which is feasible. I would rather she were to get a transfer to Guildford but we don't know whether or how that is possible. Lucy is due to return to Leicester at the end of this week so has a few days to make some phone-calls to the relevant people if she can manage to get phone numbers.
Although I haven't answered more than one or two emails in person I have been greatly encouraged and blessed by those I have read (or Lucy has read out to me). It truly is an amazing thing to belong to the body of Christ - thank you to all those who have sent messages and cards.


  • At 8:58 PM, Blogger Lucyvdb7 said…

    My mum meant that we were away for the weekend, not the week as she suggested at the beginning of this post.

  • At 11:43 AM, Blogger Sylvia Lowery said…

    Joy, what a beautiful name, Victoria will bring you such joy, her silmple life will make you view life in a totally different way. We lost an auntie last week and Alex who has Autism said in the most excited way. "You mean she is in heaven now, she will meet Abraham, Isaac, Joseph and Moses." He was so excited his hands were fit to burst. He is so much more heavenly minded than me. We continue to remember you in our prayers remembering the trials, worries and concerns you face.


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