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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sunday morning news

Dear Friends
It is Sunday morning, and normally in our house the computer is off today, but because of the current circumstances
I'm e-mailing a list of people who have sent messages in order that you are kept up to date with what is happening here at Otterhill Farm.
Tracy and Victoria Lily came home on Friday. The hospital were not going to 'release' them yet but as Tracy was finding it increasingly more difficult to rest due to being on a ward with 5 others with all the associated comings and goings etc... , a kind midwife interceded for her with the higher powers and as a result she was allowed home on the understanding that we would bring her and Victoria in whenever they wanted to check up or do tests. ( we live about a 10 min. drive from the hospital )
You can read about Victoria's condition on Lucy's blogspot. This remains the same and she will need heart surgery in 2-4 months time . The current cause for concern is that due to Victoria's condition breast feeding is very difficult. She doesn't suckle for long before becoming breathless and then dozing off. She does however need to have a good input of milk in order to grow stronger and at present it isn't happening , so Tracy is trying to express milk to feed to her via a syringe , but she is finding that very difficult. God is being very good to us in His kind providences one of which is that the midwife who attended the homebirth of Victoria is a Christian , and although semi retired, she has gone far beyond the call of duty and has been into hospital to help Tracy and has come here to help as well . She hopes to call round after church this morning the show Tracy how to get the expressed milk into the baby with a syringe. I hope to go to our church with all the children bar one and hopefully Tracy will get some sleep. Since coming out of hospital it seems that the period of time during which Victoria feeds with much success is during the might, so this is causing problems with keeping the rest of the children quieter during the day so that Tracy can rest. As Tracy wont be using the computer for a while any of you who would like to encourage her will need to do so by letter or phone. I would suggest phoning between midday and 4 P.M. For the time being and during any other times when Tracy won't be able to write or reply to e-mails there should be information about the current situation on Victoria's blogspot, but don't stop e-mailing Tracy,-she may just take a while to reply.
Thank you all again for your expressions of concern,your prayers on our behalf and the love which you have shown to us.
Ron and Tracy van den Broek.
Victoria's Blogspot,
Lucy's blogspot


  • At 7:57 AM, Blogger Sylvia Lowery said…

    Dear all
    We are continuing to remember you all and Victoria in our prayers, thankyou for taking the time to set up this update page it is greatly appreciatted.


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